Terje Isungset

Terje Isungset
Norwegian musician and composer Terje Isungset is one of Europe's most accomplished and innovative percussionists. He has pioneered the use of instruments made from ice and other natural elements such as arctic birch, granite, slate and sheep bells.

Terje's work takes jazz and Scandinavian music far beyond traditional boundaries and poetic use of musical timbre and colour is central to his work.

Groups available:
Solo - A Tribute to Nature - featuring percussion, drums, mouth harp, rams horn, wood, stones, voice, etc
Duo - Ice Light - featuring ice instruments and singer Lena Nymark
Duo - featuring contemporary dancer Therese Skauge
Special projects - please contact Maija Handover for further information

Listen to this Guardian interview with Terje
Visit Terje's website

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